Technician Code of Conduct

As a certified door and access systems technician, I will at all times…


  1. Strive to provide the highest quality of workmanship
  2. Seek to increase my knowledge and skills
  3. Provide only the work necessary and appropriate for the safe and dependable operation of the system
  4. Respect the property of others
  5. Refrain from making derogatory comments regarding the workmanship of others
  6. Perform my work with integrity and in a manner that reflects well on my industry
  7. Present and maintain my vehicle, tools and equipment to reflect my professionalism
  8. Follow safe work practices for the protection of my customers, the general public, my co-workers and myself
  9. Adhere to all laws, regulations, codes and standards in the performance of my tasks
  10. Follow manufacturer instructions
  11. Inform and educate my customer regarding the work performed
  12. Aspire to 100% customer satisfaction and endeavor to exceed expectations

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